About Amadeo Construction

Amadeo Construction, LLC stands as a testament to a rich legacy of craftsmanship and dedication in the construction industry. 

Established in 2020 by Marcos Figueroa, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for quality construction, Amadeo Construction has completed a diverse range of projects, from residential remodels to commercial structures and earned a reputation for delivering outstanding results that stand the test of time.

Under the leadership of Marcos Figueroa, Amadeo Construction has prioritized a client-centric approach, ensuring that every project reflects the unique needs and aspirations of its clients. Marcos, with his background, hands-on experience and a keen eye for detail, has steered the company towards sustainable practices, embracing innovation and cutting-edge technologies in construction. With a focus on integrity, transparency, and a dedicated team of skilled professionals, Amadeo Construction makes dreams a reality as it continues to build not just structures but enduring relationships with clients, partners, and the communities it serves.

Our Core Values


 The best projects are the result of an army of individual contributions.  At Amadeo Construction, we understand and appreciate the skills, experience and knowledge of our team, our homeowners, our vendors and our carefully curated list of sub-contractors.  Teamwork makes the dream work.



Yes we can.  All construction projects involve obstacles to be overcome.  Our team, both internally and externally, are committed to finding solutions to overcome any obstacle.  If you can dream it, we can build it.


Our team takes it’s responsibility to be both subject matter experts and caretakers of your home seriously.  Honesty, communication and transparency are the foundation of every project we complete.  We make dreams a reality, not a nightmare.


Installation of quality materials by skilled craftsmen is supervised and documented daily at every project.  We build dreams that last.

Meet Our Team

Each member of our diverse team is driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for making dreams a reality.

Marcos Figueroa

Marcos Figueroa, the visionary behind Amadeo Construction, brings decades of invaluable construction experience to the helm. With a meticulous attention to detail, Marcos has honed his craft over the years, ensuring that every project undertaken by Amadeo Construction reflects the highest standards of quality and precision.

Before venturing into the construction industry, Marcos served as an Army Medic and Artillery, demonstrating his commitment to service and discipline. This background instilled in him a sense of duty that transcends into his work at Amadeo Construction. Beyond construction, Marcos is passionate about fitness, recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle in achieving personal and professional success. His dedication to his faith and family values is evident in the company’s ethos, shaping a work environment that values integrity, collaboration, and a sense of purpose. Marcos Figueroa is not just a seasoned professional; he is a leader who seamlessly integrates his diverse experiences into the fabric of Amadeo Construction, embodying the principles of excellence, service, and family.


Melissa Lewis

Melissa Lewis-Tauber, a valued member of the Amadeo Construction team, is a passionate advocate for industry organizations and community outreach programs. Representing Amadeo Construction, Melissa serves on committees for NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) and the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) where she fosters connections that extend beyond the construction site. Melissa brings an enthusiastic passion for serving others to local outreach programs as well. From developing training programs for the Salvation Army to washing dishes at a local soup kitchen, Melissa embodies the company’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond construction.

Melissa’s passion for serving others combined with her extensive background in flooring means she brings a meticulous eye for design and functionality to every project. Committed to exceeding expectations, Melissa tailors the selection process for each individual client, guiding them through defining and designing spaces they love.

Her multifaceted interests and commitment to making a difference both in and outside of the workplace make Melissa Lewis-Tauber an invaluable asset to the Amadeo Construction family.

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee, a vital member of the Amadeo Construction team, balances his professional life with a deep connection to family and personal passions. Outside the construction realm, Aaron’s heart lies with his loved ones, and he draws inspiration from the support and strength they provide

A skilled artisan, Aaron finds solace and creativity in woodworking, channeling his talents into crafting intricate pieces. His commitment to precision and craftsmanship in construction seamlessly extends into his woodworking endeavors. Beyond the workshop, Aaron is a sports enthusiast, bringing a competitive spirit and teamwork mindset to both his personal and professional life.